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An aquarium..

..inside a zoo inside the internet

Training you to be a better commenter
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You have not stumbled upon a flaming gay community.

This community was made to help anyone who feels they are constantly fighting a losing battle in the comment sections of LJ. The Internet is a serious, dangerous world and we won't let you navigate it by yourself. joffy is your Robin Hood, and together with his/her band of merry men unequivocator, cyns, efyiu, dee255, whogivesafeck, and equivocator as Maid Marion, killschlong as Friar Tuck and avez_kuleshov as an extra-evil Sheriff of Nottingham, we will rob LJ-wit from the rich and give to the poor (to be plagiarized.)*

This user info will be changed when I wake up tomorrow and realize it was lame.

We dedicate ourselves to the study of flamewars. We break threads of comment-insults down. We analyze them as atomic units. We categorize them. We prepare workshops for you. Then we send you out on your own into the world, to test your skills against some of the greats. Your final exam may be conducted by:

or a giant fatman in a shaven gorilla suit a.k.a. Sean Freeman

We guarantee results within 30 days!

A good, quick guide if you're looking for something right this moment is "a guide to pdanielson." pdanielson's personal motto is "recycle comments to make the world a cleaner place."

Or try bobbola's under-appreciated "simple guide to pwning".


When you join first, we ask that you post a comment of introduction here.

We've set up a special Workshop Area for students and we ask that, in the interests of organization, all trolling, practice and general live development of technique be kept here.
Posting in lessons, without the express aim of discussing said lessons, is frowned upon and will be interpreted as disruptive behaviour.

A 3-strikes-and-yer-oot policy is in effect here. After the third warning for extraneous posting, efyiu will come down on you like a giant inflatable cockhammer and you will be banned.

This is not negotiable.

Note to Freshmen: Students are here to learn and it is expected that they behave themselves in a manner more becoming of their position. By posting, you are participating in the programme, which may involve live ammunition on your first day. Or it may just be a few verbal wet willies. We're not here to attack you. Either way, if you don't like the style that your tutor chooses to adopt for your training - tough titty. It's like breastfeeding - it toughens the nipples.

*No plagiarism will actually take place.